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Noah Flynn is Elle's boyfriend and Lee Flynn's older brother.

Noah is off to Harvard, he and Elle have to juggle a long-distance relationship, but when he grows close to seemingly-perfect Chloe, Elle decides how much she trusts him and if her heart truly belongs him or Marco.




Lee Flynn

Lee and Noah grew up together and loved each other but Noah never really acknowledged the fact that Lee had always been envious of him growing up as he'd always been the golden boy he got ev still loves and respects his little brother no matter what

Elle Evans

Had always loved Elle since childhood but never really act on it as he was afraid they're be endgame and was in denial so he'd be with multiple girls to hid the truth but can never escape from it as none of those girls were nowhere compared to Elle so he'd always back her and Lee whenever he could and made the whole football team off her case so they wouldn't move on her until they started to secretly date themselves had ups and downs in their relationship but gotten through it til Noah left for college

Personality: Calm,CollectedRespecful,humble,cocky,thoughtful,suave, seductive laid-back, aggressive,hot-headed,kind,perspective and confident


Dislikes Bullies which suggest why he has been into multiple fights throughout his school life making everyone love and respect Noah as his more then a top star athlete and a playboy which suggest why he became he's soo popular

Is a Superman fan as he wears Superman undies meaning he loves DC Comics but hids that about himself as he doesn't wanna come across as a geek

Been in love with Elle since childhood

He's a Gryffindor at heart as he puts others in their place and protect his loved ones such as Lee and Elle making others respect for who he is as a person

If he was in Vampire Diaries he'd be Tyler due to their unstable anger problems they harbour within themselves but soon later overcome it and become the best versions of themselves in the future

His Zodiac Sign is a Leo